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Cheap, practical and easy

An overview of the advantages

  • Low prices
  • Around 5,000 parking places – 2,000 in the multi-storey car park
  • 24h service
  • Special parking spaces for the handicapped

Parken am Flughafen Leipzig/Halle

Multi-storey car park

More than 2,000 parking places are available on six levels. The check-in area or mall can be reached from the second level. You can park for up to 20 minutes in the multi-storey car park to load and unload passengers or baggage.
Please note that the multi-storey car park’s maximum clearance is 1.90 metres. 

Drop off and pick up facilities

It is recommended that P11 (in front of the central check-in area) and the priority lane in front of Terminal B are used for dropping off and picking up airport guests.

Business and short stay parking facilities

Business and short stay parking facilities are found in P1 and P3. Both car parks are located near Terminal B.  

Parking facilities for holidaymakers

Besides the multi-storey car park, outdoor car parks P2 and P4 can be used by holidaymakers. During the winter season P2 is closed (29 October 2018 - 29 March 2019).

Low-cost car park

The low-cost parking lot P15 located in the vicinity of the tower in the north of the motorway A14, in about 5 minutes walk to the check-in area. It is closed from 29 October 2018 until 29 March 2019.

The low-cost car park P20* is located in the village of Kursdorf. It is closed from 29 October 2018 until 29 March 2019.

* no shuttle bus link, around a 15 minute walk to the check-in and arrivals area.