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By airport shuttle

Stress-free way of reaching the airport

The new airport shuttle bus is a joint service offered by Leipzig/Halle Airport and the company Fritzsche GmbH, based in Burgstädt bei Chemnitz. The service provides passengers with an easy, stress-free way of reaching the airport from their very doorstep and returning home again after their trip.

The comfortable minibuses offer space for up to eight people and run both day and night within a radius of 45 kilometres from Leipzig/Halle Airport. For journeys south of the airport, this distance is extended even further to reach as far as Chemnitz and into the Erz mountains.

Minibuses should preferably be reserved when booking flights, or one week before the outbound flight at the latest.

  • by phone: +49 (0) 3724/131366
  • online:

Stress-free way of reaching the airportStress-free way of reaching the airport