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Travelling with children

To make travelling with children and babies as stress-free and smooth as possible, we have put together a few tips to make your journey and time spent at the airport more comfortable.

travelling with childrentravelling with children


The majority of airlines tend to allow pregnant women to fly until the 36th week of pregnancy. As this practice varies between airlines, we advise that you contact the airline you are flying with for clarification.


If you have a collapsible buggy, you can take this with you as far as the exit/gate after checking in. It will then be collected by a member of staff and loaded onto the aircraft.

If you have a traditional pram, this has to be checked in and taken to the bulky baggage counter.

Baby seats or booster seats

Baby seats are not normally available on the aircraft. Please ask your airline whether you are able to use your own baby/booster seat.

Baby food

Drinking bottles and baby food can be taken on board.

Please note the security requirements with regard to taking liquids in your hand baggage.

Baby changing room

Baby changing facilities can be found as follows: Terminal B, ground floor (arrivals area); Terminal B, upper floor (waiting area – Non-Schengen and Schengen); Mall

Children travelling alone

Members of airline staff pay special attention to children travelling alone. When booking flights, be sure to clarify all issues surrounding the arrangements and costs concerned with the supervision of unaccompanied children.


Your child must be at least five years old to be able to fly alone (contact your travel agent or airline for more detailed information). This has to be noted in the booking. Parents are to accompany the child to check-in. After checking in, the child will be looked after by a member of the flight crew, who will then supervise the child while awaiting departure, while on board the aircraft and upon arriving at the destination airport.


Your child must be met by a family member or friend at the destination airport following baggage reclaim. The individual(s) collecting the child also have to be able to identify themselves with their personal particulars and address.

With all the above considered, your child can embark on their big journey alone.

Children’s play areas

There are children’s play areas in the departure area - Schengen and non-Schengen.