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Passenger rights

Your rights in the case of irregularities

In 2004, a legal basis was introduced in the European Union (Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, more commonly referred to as the "Air passenger rights regulation") allowing passenger rights to be asserted in the event that boarding is denied, especially in the case that flights are overbooked, cancelled or delayed by a long time.

This applies to all flights, which:

  • start in the EU,
  • fly to an EU destination airport, or
  • are operated by an EU airline.

All commercial passenger flight providers (scheduled flights, charter flights, low-cost flights, etc.) are obliged to pay compensation. Affected parties are generally to direct any claims arising from the air passenger rights regulation at the airline which undertakes or should undertake the booked flight. This applies irrelevant of which company (in the case of package holidays, i.e. the tour operator) actually concluded the contract of carriage.

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