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Notes on baggage handling

A small baggage item (55 x 40 x 20 cm) may be taken on board as hand baggage.
Please note the security requirements with regard to taking liquids in hand baggage.

The permitted baggage weight is decided by each airline individually. Please contact your airline for more detailed information.

Items such as prams, bicycles, diving gear or surfboards are classed as oversized baggage.
If you intend to travel with bulky items or animals, please contact your travel agency or airline when making the booking.

Do not place valuables or documents in your suitcase. Your baggage should be locked and your name and home address should be indicated both inside and outside. Please remove or fasten loose straps and belts. Please refer to the information you will be sent together with your flight ticket to see which items may not be taken onto the aircraft.

Knives, scissors, nail files and other sharp items may only be transported in your hold baggage and not in your hand baggage.

Baggage reclaim

If you are travelling from a non-Schengen state, you must first go through passport control upon arriving at the airport. You may then reclaim your baggage. The displays above the conveyor belts indicate the flight number and departure airport.

If necessary, you should then pass through customs control before reaching the public arrivals area of Terminal B.

 Information on the Schengen Agreement and a list of all members can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.

Baggage tracing

If you can not find your luggage or it is damaged, please contact FSG Airport Services GmbH Baggage Detection in the arrivals hall or ASL at the mall

Security guidelines for hand baggage

For detailed information on prohibited articles as well as information on taking liquids in hand luggage, please see the following documents and websites:

 Important information for passengers

 List of prohibited articles in baggage (Attachment 4-C)

 List of prohibited articles in baggage (Attachment 5-B)


Flight bag vending machines

Flight bag vending machines (which provide you with plastic bags for carrying liquids in your hand baggage) are located in the central check-in area and in front of the security check on the ground floor of Terminal B.