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Filming and photography

Are you looking to film or take photographs at Leipzig/Halle Airport for a news report, or would you like to conduct a survey?

Please answer the questions below to enable us to process your request quickly and efficiently.

  • Who would like to film, take photographs or conduct a survey? Please provide us with your full contact details. 
  • How many people will be involved in conducting the survey, filming or photography session?
  • Where would you like to take photographs, film and/or conduct the survey?
  • What would you like to photograph or film? Please include a brief description of your project here.
  • When do you intend to take photographs or film at Leipzig/Halle Airport? Please state the date and time.

We shall be in touch as soon as possible.

Interview for the German show "Das gibt´s nur hier"Interview for the German show "Das gibt´s nur hier"

Please note:

Please ensure that the photography or filming you intend to carry out will not disturb normal operations at the airport. You are also required to obtain verbal consent from any tenants (check-in desks, ticket counters, businesses, gastronomy) on-site who may be affected by the planned activities.

Furthermore, please note that the identity control area in Terminal B and staff members may not be filmed or photographed.