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Without people, the economy would come to nothing

As a promoter of economic growth in central Germany, one of our tasks is to provide people in the local region with prospects. In 2012, over 8,900 people were employed directly at the sites belonging to Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding, with nearly 6,000 people working at Leipzig/Halle Airport. This does not even take into consideration the subsequent effects on employment in the surrounding area.

Working at Leipzig/Halle AirportWorking at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding as a training location

Excellent training today gives the professionals of tomorrow a solid insight into the realities of working life. The companies which form part of the Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding have been training apprentices since 1990. Many of these apprentices regularly commence with and successfully complete university or college studies, and are also frequently awarded distinctions. The majority of former trainees are offered a permanent position within our group of companies. Besides training opportunities in our company, we are also a member of training associations, alongside other competent, well-known cooperation partners based in the local region.

The brightest minds in central Germany

Each individual subdivision within the wider field of aviation demands accurate performance. Just doing your best is not enough: we guarantee peak performance. This is precisely where opportunities open up for the brightest minds in central Germany.

The companies forming part of Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding all share the same attractive conditions. Our colleagues are the driving force behind our joint development. Our merits do not just emerge as individual snapshots - we shape the future. As we are flexible in responding to the needs of the aviation industry, we are able to offer our colleagues multi-faceted tasks and targets, in short: prospects.

As part of our cooperation agreements we support colleges and universities in central Germany and generate a lively exchange between research, teaching and practice.