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Safety Management System

Leipzig/Halle Airport has a Safety Management System (SMS) in place, compliant with the guidelines set out in Annex 14 of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and Section 45 (b) of the German Air Traffic Approval Regulation (Luftverkehrszulassungsordnung, LuftVZO).

This system regulates significant responsibilities, processes and operating procedures relevant to the airport's operational safety. It specifies how its implementation shall be ensured.

The purpose of the SMS is to prevent accidents and incidents as well as to reduce hazards to an acceptable level.

It is therefore vital that all companies and organisations operating at Leipzig/Halle Airport work in line with the SMS.

Safety also entails elements of security. Whereas safety relates more to airport operations, security is more concerned with protecting transport systems against intentional, non-operational, illegal influences from outside the airport (e.g. assaults, hijackings, etc.).

Communicating safety information

Please use the safety board postboxes if you would like to communicate safety information. They are located at the access points to the security zone (control point 1, control point 2 and control point in Terminal A behind the identity and luggage check point).

You are also welcome to email us any questions or suggestions.