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Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG

Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding is a prime example of the successful interaction of politics, management and economics in central Germany – both on a national and municipal level.

Our strategy

In coordination with additional shareholders, we have been steering the air traffic infrastructure ever since with Leipzig/Halle Airport and Dresden International, besides also taking care of ground handling and freight operations and additional air traffic services for central Germany through PortGround. The nineties – a decade shaped by rapid growth in the transport sector – created a huge demand for development and investment in the region. The increasing liberalisation of air traffic also called for organisational adjustments of the previous airport structures. This led to the shareholders – the Free State of Saxony, the Land of Saxony-Anhalt and the cities of Dresden, Leipzig and Halle – pooling their resources in the Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding in the year 2000.

A success story
The Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding sites are highly attractive to investors due to their vitality and opportunities for expansion for years to come. Logistics is what drives our growth. To ensure that this continues to move forward without obstruction in the future, we attach great importance to our connection with the rail and road network. Direct access to the trans-European autobahn and railway networks ensures close proximity to the growth markets that are the new EU member states.

Driving the region's growth
When investing in our infrastructure we have made sure that a large proportion – around two thirds of an investment sum of around two billion euros to be more precise – flows directly into local companies. This has allowed us to build an excellent infrastructure for air routes, creating new market stimuli for central Germany. Our airports were an important prerequisite in attracting companies from the automobile industry, the semiconductor and electrical industries, chemical and pharma industries or solar industry, thus encouraging company settlements and creating vitality in the logistics economy.

Our visions for the future
We know what we want to achieve in the medium and long term. Our actions of today are reflected in our visions of tomorrow.

  • With its attractive offers in passenger traffic and a high level of appeal for the region, Leipzig/Halle Airport belongs to the top five freight airports in Europe.

  • Dresden International is expanding its route network to include the European economic centres and is continuously establishing itself as one of the most service friendly and efficient airports in Germany.

  • PortGround is by far the market leader when it comes passenger flight handling operations, and holds the second-largest market share in the air freight handling for our customers in Leipzig/Halle and Dresden.


Compliance / preventing corruption

Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG and its associate companies place great value on preventing corruption. Corruption is no trivial offence and is hugely detrimental to the group, all employees and to the company as a whole.

Appropriate precautionary measures have been implemented within the group of companies to prevent such actions and to protect shareholders and employees from the violation of regulatory and criminal provisions while at the workplace. Among other things, this includes mandatory regulations on the acceptance and granting of benefits and competition-related conduct. Furthermore, an ombudsman has been appointed who will be available as an outside contact person for internal and external whistle-blowers.

This course of action encourages responsible-minded, legitimate and ethically correct conduct and therefore creates an important foundation for the long-term success of the company. 

Accepting and granting benefits                                                        

Members of staff are prohibited from accepting or granting invitations, gifts or other benefits related to their official duties. Exempt from this are benefits which are made or accepted for reasons of courtesy and convention, provided such benefits are socially customary and generally accepted. The taxation regulations applicable to the receipt of the monetary benefit are to be observed in each instance of acceptance or granting of a non-cash benefit.

Competition-related conduct

The group’s employees are to adhere to all applicable statutory provisions. This regulation is especially valid with regard to the laws on public procurement, on unfair competition act and on restraints of competition.


Within the meaning of the compliance policy currently in force, Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG relies on a whistle-blower system with the renowned, external lawyer Annett Albrecht appointed as Ombudswoman (arbitrator). Whistle-blower systems have become established in many companies and airports as a form of prevention and provide the best practice solution as recommended by the German registered association Transparency International Deutschland e. V.

As part of anti-corruption management, the ombudswoman is tasked with accepting information on corrupt occurrences, irregularities, conflicting interests and violations of the law and to pass these on as appropriate within Mitteldeutsche Flughafen AG. Such information may only be passed on if the ombudswoman has the permission of the whistle-blower. Handling general complaints or suggestions for improvements does not form part of the ombudsman's duties. The whistle-blower shall be ensured confidentiality and neutrality through the lawyer's right to refuse to testify.

Reporting violations

Whistle-blowers are not informers. The emphasis here is rather on averting damage and ensuring legitimate conduct. Ombudswoman Annett Albrecht can be contacted as follows:

 Rechtsanwältin Annett AlbrechtRechtsanwältin Annett Albrecht
 Harkortstraße 19
 04107 Leipzig
 phone.: 0341/67 973 221
 fax: 0341/24 700 291
 mail: of@anwazMrcltskanzcrllei-albL8nnmrecht.d2eHh2


Establishing an ombudsman system has opened up a further way of drawing attention to violations of compliance. Direct superiors, managing directors, the legal department and the audit department can, of course, also be approached as internal contact partners. ​