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Traffic statistics

Since the German reunification, Leipzig/Halle Airport has experienced a fast-paced development in traffic. While in 1990 there were only just under 275,000 passengers, there were more than a million passengers by 1992. This number doubled by 1995. This positive trend continued during the following years.

Leipzig/Halle Airport registered growth of four percent in passenger traffic; 2,571,119 air travellers passed through the airport in 2018. The number of aircraft movements at Leipzig/Halle Airport increased by 8.7 percent to a figure of 79,218 take-offs and landings. The volume of air freight at Leipzig/Halle Airport, Europe’s fifth-largest cargo hub, rose to a figure of approx. 1,221,429 tonnes in 2018; this represents an increase of 7.3 percent over the previous year.

Development in overview

Development of aircraft movements (arrivals and departures)Development of aircraft movements (arrivals and departures)

Development of passengersDevelopment of passengers

Development of air freight and air mail (in tonnes)Development of air freight and air mail (in tonnes)