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Information technology

Services in the field of information technology

Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH operates efficient information technology systems.

The information technology group also maintains different systems for handling aviation and non-aviation processes, including over 400 computers, over 100 flight information displays, modern telecommunications equipment, secure data transfer networks and an efficient, digital trunked radio system.

As well as the use of airport premises, all companies and tenants are also free to make use of the airport’s information technology services.

Our services include:

Telecommunications services

  • Telecommunication via a high-availability, redundant provider connection
  • Digital and analogue extensions, available as standard or comfort packages
  • Integrated voicemail
  • Fax machines

Trunked radio system

  • TETRA-based, digital trunked radio system for operative one-on-one and group communication

Data network

  • High-quality, structured cable infrastructure based on copper and fibre-optic cables (EN50173), suitable for high levels of data transfer
  • Provision of LAN connections pursuant to IEEE802.3 in Flughafen Leipzig/Halle GmbH buildings; provision of virtual LANs (without protocol restriction) tailored to the individual customer

Airport management system – flight information

  • Provision of displays showing passenger and service information
  • Provision of customer-specific displays and logos

Public address (PA) system

  • Use of central announcements and activation of customer-specific information announcements
  • Use of a mobile PA system for events

Security systems

  • Integration into the airport’s established security system for fire alarms, burglar alarms and video surveillance

All our services come with professional advice and assistance, and are performed by competent staff at short notice and to the highest quality.