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Leipzig/Halle Airport has a parallel runway system allowing independent operation of the two 3,600-metre runways.

Locational advantages such as the 24-hour operating licence for cargo aircraft and the central geographic location within the trans-European motorway network offer the perfect setting for companies in the aviation and logistics industry. The train cargo station provides ideal conditions for future-oriented, intermodal shipping of goods.

At Leipzig/Halle Airport the following state-of-the-art facilities are at your disposal: 

World Cargo Center

  • 20,000 square metres of handling space
  • more than 200,000 t of annual capacity
  • 171 parking spaces for trucks
  • 38 loading gates
  • convenient interface of land- and airside
  • direct access to cargo apron 2
  • integrated customs office

World Cargo CenterWorld Cargo Center

Animal Export Center

  • state-of the-art large animal handling facilities
  • 1,300 sqm
  • large delivery area
  • professional animal care 24/7
  • large animal stalls
  • modern ground equipment
  • spacious rooms/modern equipment for grooms
  • IATA trained staff and vets on site
  • Veterinary/Plant Border Inspection Post

  Synopsis about the Animal Export Center

Animal Export CenterAnimal Export Center

Veterinary/Plant Border Inspection Post

  • the only border inspection post in the Free State of Saxony
  • approved by European Commission
  • 24/7 service
  • import of animals and agricultural goods

Veterinary/Plant Border Inspection PostVeterinary/Plant Border Inspection Post

Railway sidings

Train cargo station

  • ideal rail-road-air connection
  • access via road and railway gates
  • 27,000 sqm covered loading area
  • two covered loading sidings
  • 39,000 sqm asphalted assembly area

Train cargo stationTrain cargo station

Railway siding Cargo Area South

  • 1,700 sqm transshipment area for transshipping/loading goods between train and truck
  • 200 m siding
  • asphalted approach roads suitable for trucks and space to turn around
  • close proximity to the B6 and A9
  • positioned in Cargo Area South with commercial plots and the World Cargo Center

Railway siding Cargo Area SouthRailway siding Cargo Area South

Maintenance hangar

  • about 8,500 sqm (90 m long, 94 m wide, 30 m high) = space for aircraft such as B747/AN 124/A380 or up to four  B737/A320 aircraft
  • apron space for up five aircraft such as AN124 or B747
  • direct access to the runway

Maintenance hangarMaintenance hangar

Take advantage of our commercial plots and build your infrastructure facility at Leipzig/Halle Airport.

AeroLogic on apron 4AeroLogic on apron 4