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Location and catchment area

Leipzig/Halle Airport - opening up central Germany to international economic and tourism markets

Ideally located in central Germany and with excellent accessibility, the airport serves a commuter region which is home to 7 million people, based on a travel time of 90 minutes from the airport.


 Location details

The direct connection to the "Schkeuditzer Kreuz" autobahn junction, which links to motorways  (German autobahns) A9 (Berlin - Munich) and A14 (Dresden - Magdeburg) as well as to the A2 (Berlin - Hanover) via the A14, guarantees optimal accessibility via car or coach - not only for passengers travelling from the central German region.

The A38 autobahn, which is just a few kilometres away, connects to the junctions "Kreuz Rippachtal" (A9) and "Dreieck Parthenaue" (A14) to form Leipzig's southern bypass and also reaches as far as Göttingen (Lower Saxony).

"Hermsdorfer Kreuz", situated not far away in Thuringia, links the motorway A4 (Aachen - Görlitz) and A9 (Berlin - Munich).

Over 5,000 parking spaces are available to passengers at Leipzig/Halle Airport. The airport design offers easy access to wheelchair users. All facilities are freely accessible.

Leipzig/Halle Airport can also be reached by both local and national Deutsche Bahn train services. Elevators and escalators take visitors directly form the airport train station to the check-in area.

Well-known companies from a range of industries have set up offices near the airport, including DHL, Porsche, BMW, Dow Chemical, Amazon and Future Electronics.

As a long-standing trade-fair and conference city, Leipzig attracts more than 1.2 million visitors every year.

Catchment area

Around 7 million people live in the commuter region surrounding Leipzig/Halle Airport.

The central German state capitals of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia (Dresden, Magdeburg and Erfurt) can be reached by car within 90 minutes, as can Potsdam, the state capital of Brandenburg.

Leipzig/Halle Airport is also easily accessible to guests arriving from Berlin:

Arrival by car

  • 90 minutes from Berlin-Mitte to Leipzig/Halle Airport
  • direct autobahn connection from Berlin Brandenburg to Leipzig/Halle via the A9/A14

Arrival by coach

  • Coach services leave Berlin-Mitte for Leipzig/Halle Airport four times daily
  • The complete BerlinLinienBus (BLB) timetable is available on the BLB website.

Arrival by train

  • An hourly connection runs between 5am and 7pm from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Leipzig Hauptbahnhof with a journey time of approximately 80 minutes (Leipzig Hauptbahnhof  - airport: approx. 15 minutes journey time)


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