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Filming and photography

at Leipzig/Halle Airport

Before being able to film for commercial productions at Leipzig/Halle Airport, you first need to register and obtain written authorisation.

Photography and filming are subject to certain limitations at Leipzig/Halle Airport due to the applicable security regulations and operational procedures; such activities are furthermore associated with certain conditions that must be complied with.

Please find below a list of the most important questions on the topic of photography and filming at Leipzig/Halle Airport, which have been compiled to aid planning.

Where is photography and filming possible?

It is possible to take photographs and film after speaking to and registering with airport staff in both the public* and non-public** areas.

* The public area includes all terminal and operational areas which are freely accessible without having to undergo an identity check / are freely accessible for people without an airline ticket.

** The non-public area comprises all areas beyond the identity checkpoints. It may only be accessed after obtaining the respective authorisation. The non-public area may only be accessed when accompanied by a member of staff.

When can photography and filming be carried out?

Photography and filming is possible 24/7 at Leipzig/Halle Airport. 

Is photography and filming at Leipzig/Halle Airport subject to a charge?

Photography and filming for commercial purposes is subject to a charge. You can find a list of charges in the scale of charges.

  Document listing charges 

Editorial photography and filming are free-of-charge. Click here for further details.

What information do you require?

Please provide the following details to allow us to process your request quickly and efficiently.

  • Who would like to take photographs/film? Please provide your full contact details.
  • How many people will be involved in the photography or filming session?
  • Where would you like to take photographs or film?
  • What would you like to photograph or film?
  • When do you plan to take photographs or film? Please include the date and time, or a preferred time period.
filming "Soko Leipzig"

filming "Soko Leipzig"

filming "ZETTL"

filming "ZETTL"

filming "Flightplan"

filming "Flightplan"

filming "Tatort"

filming "Tatort"

filming "Unknown Identity"

filming "Unknown Identity"

Please note:

Please ensure that the photography or filming you intend to carry out will not disturb normal operations at the airport. You are also required to obtain verbal consent from any tenants (check-in desks, ticket counters, businesses, gastronomy) on-site who may be affected by the planned activities.

Furthermore, please note that the identity control area in Terminal B and staff members may not be filmed or photographed.