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Terminal B - public area

The terminal offers space for your campaign to be presented individually in highly frequented locations, such as the waiting area just before security control or the arrivals area.

Multi-screen wall

Brilliant colours and animated pictures: our 22-metre-square, multi-screen wall with triple-HD resolution beams your slogan across the entire breadth of the terminal.

Multi-screen wallMulti-screen wall

Revolving doors

Get your message around with our revolving doors: your gateway to the customer. No one will miss this advertising format!

Revolving doorRevolving door

Banner advertising

Reach for the sky! Flying high in the terminal, our promotional banners are certain to draw attention to your product.

Banner advertisingBanner advertising

Wall advertising spaces

Keep your company permanently in view by opting for our wall advertising spaces.

Wall advertising spacesWall advertising spaces

Mobile brochure display stands

Mobile yet ever present

Mobile brochure display standsMobile brochure display stands

Terminal B - arrival into the security area

Secure a broad audience for your promotion by advertising where our passengers - whether travelling for business or pleasure - gather to wait for their baggage.

Window advertising

At the end of the journey - the first message

If you want your advertisement to be the first thing passengers see upon arriving at the airport, an advertising window at the end of the pier is the perfect solution.

Window advertisingWindow advertising

Baggage reclaim

Waiting can be so wonderful - there are many ways in which to present your company around the carousel before the baggage rolls in.


Advertising between and on the baggage beltAdvertising between and on the baggage belt

Sliding doors

Passengers can practically reach out and touch your message - the automatic sliding doors offer space to get your message across.

Sliding door from the apronSliding door from the apron

Sliding door arrival into the security areaSliding door arrival into the security area

Terminal B - security area - departures

Are you looking to primarily target departing passengers with your advertising medium?

Advertising banners / advertising spaces

Fly the flag for your company - anyone passing through the security control can't miss this 30 square-metre space!

Advertising banner behind the passenger controlAdvertising banner behind the passenger control

Hanging advertising spaces

You might not want to be left hanging, but your advertisement will!

Send down your message from the heavens.

Hanging advertising spacesHanging advertising spaces

Advertising spaces

Prepare your campaign for take off - make use of the diverse, large-scale formats available at various locations around the airport.

Advertising spacesAdvertising spaces

Advertising spaces in the pierAdvertising spaces in the pier

Storage tables

Bring your message to the table!

Storage tablesStorage tables

Advertising locations:

Terminal B/Central Terminal

Advertise your product where there passenger and visitor footfall is high.

Promotional installation

Nothing is impossible - create a lasting impression by presenting your company in a unique and memorable format.

Promotional installationPromotional installation

Airport TV

Television advertising can also be arranged. Our Airport TV is installed in highly frequented areas.

Airport TVAirport TVAirport TVAirport TV

Central Terminal

The Central Terminal is home to the check-in area and is connected to Terminal B (departures and arrivals) via our travel market (mall).

It marks the start of the holiday or business trip for departing passengers and is the first part of the airport they come across.

Hanging advertising spaces

You might not want to be left hanging, but your advertising will!

Send down your message from the heavens.

Hanging advertising spacesHanging advertising spaces

Meeting points

Put your advertisement into perspective - your message won't go unnoticed at this passenger hub. 

Meeting pointsMeeting points

Advertising locations: